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What was your trigger point?

Like in all aspects of our life, work is no exception, we have ups and downs. Sometimes all is going up, we are thriving and succeeding .... waking up with a smile on our face, because we are GOING TO WORK! YES! I COMPLETLY LOVE MY JOB!

All the planets align and we are going for the world record score...

And the when you think you have all in your hands...something unexpected happens in form of a typo, mistake,issue, something you said or did, how other people recognize your effort, higher power...

Whatever it happens, it all leads to the fact that this colossal enthusiasm slips right through your fingers.- you lose that winning feeling, magic touch...and waking up in the morning becomes much more heavier.

Eventually you lose that smile on your face and driving to work was never more depressive. You stay optimistic and convince yourself that eventually situation will be better. you just need to work hard, breath in and out and the clouds will be much clearer. Just wait for it.

Of course we have to understand that life is not a meadow covered with daisies, however after a while you do have to step out that path and go search for them.

This is the point when I want to ask you:" When was your trigger point? When you said this is enough? This is not it! Surely it has to be more than this?" And you said: "I QUIT!"

For me it wasn't one single trigger moment to say: "Well I haven't signed for this! Wow, are the line of events am in right now, even possible?"

(I admit I wasn't that spontaneous about quilting my job. Well, a girl and her descendants have to eat. I made a plan first).

All this negative experience, no understanding, lack of dialog with superiors and for me sometimes really irrational decisions, accumulated in me and started to be heavy on me.

I started to feel that I'm not there to think with my own mind, but to do what am told to do. The last year, I felt like a puppet. To follow instructions and don't overthink with that pretty little head of yours. One thing that I really hate is strings and I had to cut them off.

I started to seek another opportunity. Checking different employment sites...looking if there is some luck for me. But nothing serious. Just looking.

And then it hit day I just had enough.

We had one of that meetings, which I call them “crop rotation” meeting. Sounds familiar? No, allow me to explain.

These are so called meetings which come around every few years. There is one topic which is really major and top priority. lLet say that there is customer satisfaction in question. We have some swift briefings and have some really good containment actions and also a bunch of systematic corrective actions to implement in order to prevent outburst in the future.

However by extinguishing the main fire… well, we solved the problem...the initial enthusiasm and willingness to improve just...slowly...quietly...fades...away.

Where is the problem? There is no problem.

And soon everyone forgets about those highly needed systematic actions....until "crop rotation" meeting happens.

The same issue occurs, perhaps at another customer and soon I am present on a meeting where everything reminds me of something I have already heard before...some kind of DEJA VU.

Is it only me or we are really going through the same scenario as we did few years ago? Does everyone in this meeting room have a case of amnesia? Except me?

We were on the same spot as we were few years ago.

In one episode of this "crop rotation" meeting, I had enough. I couldn’t handle it. I had enough that someone is wasting my time and talent. Perhaps my potentials are not fully recognized and used...

I stood up and left the meeting room without excusing myself. For me, the case was closed.

It was an extreme statement... so extreme that I have later heard that I was supposedly thrown out from that meeting (imagine had to burn really bad to come to that version of the story...) I had to mention it.

In a matter of couple of weeks I offered my resignation and my I started my path all over again.

For me it is also fascinating that people, employees react in different ways, when we consider dissatisfaction with work and making a shift in career path.

Some people react instinctively and quit in a second. This is it!

Some like me, need more time. Thinking about it, making plans and when the right opportunity comes along, we strike.

And there are others, people who are highly unsatisfied, but never get to that trigger point…Why? Do they enjoy the comfort zone? Waiting for the right trigger moment? Waiting for change to happen by itself? To address this question.. this is a post on its own.

And what was your trigger point?

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