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A book needs the right time to be picked up.

Some books need the right time and the right place to be red. Some books have their own message which resonates with you or simply doesn’t. It happened with me with one book, for which I am certain you all know it.

The Achemist by Paulo Coelho.

Nice, fiction… you might say. However, it is one of the best books to read, when you are starting a new business, career or whenever you are stepping outside your comfort zone. But, one step at the time.

As I said, I read it first somewhat 7 years ago. Because everyone was talking about it and it had to be good. Went to library, got my copy, read it and end it wit a bit of disappointed. I was I dark. I had no idea why it was so good. Why some say it was life changing?

I don’t get it. There is this Shepard, desert and in the end, he is back on the same place as he initially was.

As I recall, I even discussed the book later with one of my friends and I stated, that it is the most overrated book I have ever read. And I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone.

Nevertheless, did pick up some other books from Coelho. I personally adored Adultery. (Will leave that one for later). And once when I was waiting on Frankfurt airport, I bought I copy for my teenage daughter in order to brush up her English skills. That book stayed on the shelve, until few days ago, when I went to clean up her room. (She cleans her own room, however, sometimes just need some extra help from her mum, since the standards for “it is clean and tidy” vary when you are 14 or crashing rapidly into 40.)

I started to read it and read it instantly. I couldn’t put it down, as cliché it might hear. It was my time to read this book. I got its message.

It is a metaphor for someone achieving their treasure, it could be to become the greatest athlete, star your business, change a career, travel the world.

But first, what is your treasure? What is your goal? What you want to achieve?

What is it that you desire the most?

(for all you, Lucifer fans…. It is a TV show, don’t freak out!)

If you are somewhere in the middle of your comfort zone, you are safe in your bubble. Not able to see what is on

the other side. You don’t even realize that there could be something more. I was in that centre of my comfort zone, when I first picked up the book. Therefore, I had no clue what was talking about. Just a pleasant story about a Shepard’s journey.

However, at one point you start to become curious and you move forward. Went closer to the edge of my comfort zone, saw what is on the other side and I numerous possibilities that were out there started to haunt me. And this book guides you through, if you are just on the verge of crossing.

There is a quote; “He had to choose between something he had accustomed to and something he wanted to have. “ And it follows: “There was nothing to hold him back except himself.”

When you cross the line, you are scared and faced against the unknow. If you look back, all what you know and is familiar to you gives you a sense of safety. Therefore, many people do not cross the comfort zone, because it is much easier to wake up every day. When you go beyond your comfort zone, you need to adapt, learn new skills and be prepared for unknow situations and people you might not know.

The book Alchemist is a guide, when you need that final push in your journey. It tries to answer all your questions and doubts which you might have along the way.

I understand that making this shift means can bring a great deal of stress and not all make this leap.

Are you ready to make that final leap? To unknow?

But think what about what treasures might you encounter beyond it.

unknow. If you look back, all is known to you and you

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