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In a room full of women entrepreneurs ... why do we always come to babysitters?

Recently I had an opportunity to sit down with some amazing women. All involved in conversation about what we do, what are our goals and aspirations in life. However it strike me in the middle…quite hard I must say. Whenever I'm having conversation with a female business woman or woman entrepreneur, eventually we always come to one and only topic that is relevant in our career... kids.

Yes, kids. How many? Age is a must share info and who takes care of them in our absence.

It is not important how well we perform at our work or which business deals we closed previous week, the success of our careers is measured in how well we combine our business persona and motherhood. As the mere success is measured by the fact, if our child will have therapy at the age of 12, because his/her mother travels a lot or is a manager and checks mail while she is doing the ironing. Nobody knows that sometimes we learn poems via Skype and sometimes we give virtual kisses.

I can't lose the feeling that I need to constantly submit evidence to others that my kids are growing to healthy individuals and can normally reach adulthood without any consequences even though their mother is not present 24/7. From time to time is taking some business trips abroad and does some extra hours at the office.

Yes, mum is important. But they need also a dad, grandparents, aunts and uncles.

I can surely say that my kids are independent and responsible. That they will brush their teeth without me telling to. Have clean clothes for school, even if I don’t prepare it in the evening. And to achieve their goals in life, they don't need an “omnipresent” mum, they need a beacon in distress and safe shelter in the storm.

And perhaps this post might sound as another justification for how well I combine my career and family. It is just a kind reminder to all working mums out there. Next time when you’ll be sitting around the table with fellow women, be proud about your kids and avoid making a comment how good your babysitter is and when you are home ,that you spent as much as time possible with your kids. We know that. Don’t justify your career choice, it is nobody’s business but yours.

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