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Not making a New Years' resolution!

Dear Reader!

A small reminder before you read. The timing is just mere coincidence.

It is New Years’ time and I'm not making a new year's resolution.

Perhaps the timing is right, however this first post came from long time wish to express my thoughts, observations and opinion about the business, lifestyle, motherhood and many more.

When I was asked at the initial start of this page: What is this page about?

I had issues describing this it a personal blog? Lifestyle, business, coaching, consulting ...?

All from above and again not. Can you describe yourself in one word? What defines you? What describes you? Can you put your journey in one phrase?

If I can speak for, not possible. Not at all. I'm a dreamer, worker, mother, daughter, employee, business woman, volunteer, wife, housekeeper, pillar, philanthropist, visionary, thinker, over thinker, optimist, extrovert and also introvert, .... All in one. And still not enough.

But I know one thing for sure. I know I can't describe myself in few words, however I know what I want to achieve and do in this path which lays before me. I feel an urge for constant learning and a need to educate, gain knowledge.

I want to inspire, teach, help, guide, lead, mentor, educate, coach and leave you in awe. I would like to leave a small footprint in this world.

Here you are! On a page dedicated to this...I'm grateful, dear reader, you will be the part of my path.


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